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Mondo MasWith Christmas only 3 weeks away and not wanting to be outdone by my fellow racketeers I have assembled my own list of gifts for the holiday season. Be sure to check out Yost’s and Caitlin’s list if you haven’t already before you check out my list or don’t as it may lead you to be a bit underwhelmed. While perhaps not the most spectacular list around it’s a list of stuff I would love to receive nonetheless. I’m a fairly simple man and pretty damn easy to please for the most part so I’ve kept my list just as simple. Most if not all of the items are things I would use on a day to day basis because I am one who prefers function over glamor. Sure I like shiny things as much as the next human but I want to get more bang for my buck so if there isn’t a practical use for a gift then why get it? I also enjoy gifts of food because I like to eat a lot, so when in doubt just give me food and everybody wins. Now without further ado, let’s get on with the list!




Layrite classic pomade: layrite has a pomade with a hold that can few can compare or even come close to. If you’re looking for a hair product that helps help create a well put together and slick slick look that many people are sporting these days this is what you want. A bit pricier than your standard gel at about $14.99 for a 4 oz container but very worth it if you have the money for it.


timbuktu bagTimbuktu Especial Cycling Messenger Bag: Timbuktu is known for making an extremely reliable messenger bag. Both my brother & I have one and we can both attest that they are definitely worth the money. I’ve had mine for about 4 years now and it is still holding strong. In spite of my bag being just fine I wouldn’t mind upgrading it for a new one. After browsing timbuktu’s excellent selection I felt the “especial” bag was the right choice. Very similar to the bag I have now save for a few awesome upgrades, the biggest being the reflective binding. Reflective binding may not seem like much but when you’re riding at night it makes all the difference.

vega berryVega Sport Performance Protein: I like to work out a fair amount these days and I’m always scoping out new protein powders and this one has impressed me. It tastes pretty damn good, it’s fairly easy to find, and above all else it’s vegan. Of course this made the list because I’m all about those gains! It’s a bit pricey for me at the moment but whenever possible I choose it over some of the other options out there. It also comes in chocolate or vanilla but given those two flavors are the standard across the board for most protein powders I personally would prefer berry. So if you’re looking for a new vegan friendly powder to help you add on some mass this is a sure bet for you.


compression shortsUnder Armour Men’s Run Compression Shorts: I’ve been wanting a pair of compression shorts for awhile now mostly because all the cool gym bros have em and I want to be a cool gym bro. They’re also great for improving performance, keeping sweat off of you, and made not to smell. So I guess the gym bros are onto something here. Not to mention I feel like they would make my, or anybody’s, butt look damn good while working out and I think that’s something we can all agree is a definite must for the holiday season.


doc vegan blueDoc Marten’s Vegan Navy Blue 1460 8 eye boot:I have a vegan pair of Doc Marten’s already and they’ve stood the test of time thus far having survived 2 years of intense wear. Although the pair I own are the 3 eye shoe in black which I still wear all the time but I have been dying to add a pair of boots to my shoe collection. Not that I would call 3 pairs of shoes collection. So if you’re looking for a very sturdy non leather shoe at a pretty decent price I say check these out. They have them in several colors if blue isn’t your fancy.

veggie yumA gift card to veggie grill: I love eating at veggie grill whenever possible. The food is always on point and they’re update their menu fairly frequently meaning you’ll always find something new to try out every so often. They’re fairly abundant in the LA and OC areas but sadly have yet to bring one anywhere near the IE which means I don’t visit as often as I would like. However, there is one right next to Amoeba Music on Sunset so I usually make it a post record shopping meal destination I’m out there.

AmoebaRecordsHollywood01A gift card to Amoeba Music: Speaking of Amoeba Music why not throw in a gift card from them as well. They’ve got a great selection of new & used music and I could spend hours there just shopping through the various sections of the store. If only I had the money to purchase everything that caught my eye. They’ve also got DVDs, shirts, and a plethora of other stuff in their massive location. No matter what you’re into you’ll definitely find something you want there.

663px-Nintendo-3DS-AquaOpenA Nintendo 3DS: My DS has all but bitten the dust, choosing to work when it wants to which isn’t very often these days. I think it’s finally time to retire the aged handheld system and  look into a 3DS. It’s been awhile since the system has been discontinued anyway so it looks like 3D is the only way to go these days but with all the great games available for the 3DS why wouldn’t you want one? Pokemon X & Y, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds & Animal Crossing: New Leaf are just a small sampling of what’s available for the 3DS and with plenty more including the highly anticipated next installment of Super Smash Bros why wouldn’t you want one?

hangar-24A bottle of Pugachev Royale: This delight is perhaps my most sought after gift as it will only be available for one day. A bottle of this delicious brew will be available for sale at 11:00 AM on Saturday December 7th and is limited to only 400 bottles.  Meaning it will more than likely sell out day of so if you don’t get it then you’re screwed. The Royale is a more exquisite version of the Cobra in that it has added cacao nibs & vanilla beans and is aged an extra 10 months in brandy barrels to give it a much more dynamic flavor. So if you have a chance to score some definitely do so!