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mars assThe MiMoCast is finally 2 months old! What started as just a random text has somehow lasted more than a week and actually has fans! So to celebrate this momentous occasion we had a special guest join Mondo for an interview. In his quest to achieve ALL Mondo crossed paths with Andrew of NRD FIT. On top of his workout recap your favorite dum dum also sought to learn more about the history of the nerdiest gym in town and learn he did! Also present is the usual discussion of some headlines and not so witty banter from your favorite chumps.

Here is a quick run down of our more pertinent topics from the episode:

The new TMNT trailer
The new Mockingjay Trailer
Rick Fox Defends Gamers on The View
DC’s New Creator Payment Plan
Shane Black to Helm Predator Sequel

The music on this week’s episode is “Sundae Skool” by Boys  and “Neat Neat Neat” by The Damned.