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I launched Racket in 2005 because I loved talking about bands, concerts, comics, video games and God knows what else with my friends. It didn’t hurt that publishing one’s opinions makes you some kind of journalist, and  journalists get this shit for free. I gathered some friends who knew what the hell they were talking about and we combined our opinions here at RacketMag.com. Now, years later, Racket’s still going, though a vast majority of the original batch has moved on to day jobs, shitting out babies or are neck deep in getting PhDs. Seriously. I, myself, have found myself with a day-job moderately tied into the music industry, but can not seem to give up Racket. It turns out, there are plenty of people who also like writing about their favorite shit, and ask me to help them develop their rambling diatribes, glittering praise and blistering hate and put them on the site. Sure thing.

Racket seems to have found it’s niche, not as a site full of asinine interviews and haiku reviews, but for writers to explore their writing style. I mean, we’ll STILL have asinine interviews and haiku reviews, but that’s not ALLLLLL we have.

Who cares about questions about touring or recording? Who wants to know an artists favorite city to play in or when they’ll make it back there? No one we care to meet. I want to know if an artist, no matter how good of an artist they may or may not be, is a douchebag or not. And you know what, doing Racket for years now, we have had more than our fair share of surprises. Gym Class Heroes – not douchebags. Armor for Sleep’s Ben Jorgensen – douchebag. Rise Against – not douchebags. Thursday’s keyboardist – douchebag.

While we are really big on music, we know there are other cool things to check out. And, seeing as how we like to think of ourselves as well rounded, we’ll check ’em out for you and let you know how it is. Whether it’s some seasonal beer from Sam Adams, San Diego’s Comic-Con or some random skate event, we’ll try to keep you up on all the cool shit. Now, this is not to be confused with a promise to keep you hip on the latest trends because frankly, most of lock ourselves in our rooms during the day and don’t get out much.

We hope you enjoy reading our shit.

Jonathan – Founder, Editor In Chief, The Emperor.

1488829_10100713462257862_348997294468158187_nThe cogs and mastermind of the Racket Empire, Yost, AKA “The Emperor,” is a man among men. He has interviewed countless artists and has attempted to set up a fantasy cage-fight match, but has so far failed to find a group of musicians who value their lives less than entertaining people. Trained in the ways of Magazine Moguling (not really), armed with an actual degree in music and possessing a dazzling background in bad-assary, he vows to take Racket “to the limit”. In his free time, he enjoys cooking elaborate dinners for himself, re-naming people’s pets and Scrabble (Words with Friends will suffice, set up a game, yo: username: DrEmperor). Writing since 2002, he worries that one day someone may call him a journalist, which would add unneeded pressure. He one day hopes to make it big and win the heart of his boyhood crush, actress Molly Ringwald, by buying her a solid gold robot that contains the real beating heart of a man. He has a day job as the publicist of San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino, but the words here are his alone. Unless he’s quoting someone else, then they are not his words.
Let him know how much he’s touched your heart: Jonathan@racketmag.com

Armando Olivas is a latchkey kid who can’t seem to decide what the hell he is doing. One minute he’s in college booking shows, the next he’s on tour selling merch for a band whose members put Rock Hudson to shame. The one consistent element in his life however is his commitment to Racket. Quite honestly he is the true poster child of the average Racket Mag reader: lives with his parents, unemployed and single. So who better to write for Racket than someone who can identify with the fan base. Follow the little fella on his TWITTER. 


Notable Alumni & Clutch Hitters:

Caitlin Elgin

The Hotness.Caitlin is spends her day Facebooking for a living and reading books for life. She spends most of her knowledge, effort, and spare time trying to get the Emperor to get stuff done. Sometimes it works. Racket Magazine suits her fancy as it allows her loads of free reading, bossiness, picking on people with poor grammar, and hitting on drummers at shows. Drop Caitlin a line for any information on Racket, media related business, advertising, job applications, Monty Python quotes, or a good sarcastic kick in the ass. Peas out! She also has partnered (in a non-sexual way) with several other women to bring you LadiesOnTheShelf.net





Laura Gaddy

Raised by a pack of college-educated timber-wolves, she likes her culture like she likes her meat- raw and sprinkled with wit. Armed with a mind as sharp as a steel-trap and as diabolical as a Jr. Jumble, her job is to add a touch of class to this joint. If you can put it up on a screen, she’s on it.  Whether scrawled, pressed, screened, or deep fried, she tears into it like a hungry orphan.  When the moon is out on a cloudless night, some say you can still hear her howl show-tunes from Annie.




Original Knockoff

Original Knockoff consists of Dennis Chung and Gabriel Zuniga.  Since they were young, their mothers had always told them they were the best at everything.  Unlike most of us, this idea really got cemented in their minds.  Having become friends recently, they spend most their time humiliating themselves and alienating friends.  Even worse, they have fallen into a circle of people who seem to strengthen their delusion and have lost all grasp on reality.  Watch them fall further away from us here and at their website http://OriginalKnockoff.com.

Also, they do the video production.