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DummiesEvery time I’ve been to San Diego Comic Con, or most Cons to be general to be honest, I’ve noticed  people making a few simple mistakes that end up leading to a less than stellar time. So I’ve made a short list of things you and your pals can do that don’t take much effort but will help you have the best time ever. With a little bit of planning you too can get your con on like a champ! Remember kids, if you fail to plan then you plan to fail.And at this moment I wonder when the hell did I become an inspirational poster worthy of a cat hanging from a clothesline. Just read the list and have a good time…

waterboyStay hyrdated: This is the simplest one but people somehow seem forget it. DRINK WATER! More importantly be sure to bring a reusable water bottle, it’s worth the investment. There are lots of water fountains in the convention center you can drink from but there are also long lines for panels so often times you’ll go a few hours without having an opportunity to visit one. However, if you’ve filled up earlier in the day when you passed by a fountain you have nothing to worry about. Also, it’s cheaper than paying for a bottle of water so there is that too.

Super_Shaggy_SandwichMake Time to Eat:Another simple one. Make sure you plan a point in your day to go out and get food, more specifically make sure that food is not from the con. With the plentiful options you have in the downtown area as well as the food trucks stationed near the con you would be doing yourself a disservice to by an overpriced, crappy personal pizza. Try something new! If you’re dead set on getting into Hall H then pack a few sandwiches or something. Point is, be sure you’re eating something and enjoying it. The difference in your mood when you’ve eaten a subpar order of fries versus an order drunk tots is astounding!

method & red guardStay Fresh: This is the one thing I see people neglecting most often and guess what, most people notice. It’s summer in southern California so it’s pretty damn hot. Take a shower whenever possible but more importantly carry deodorant. No one enjoys the smell of con funk so don’t be that person and make sure you’re smelling fresh. A touch up once or twice a day goes far. Also, before anyone gives me any guff on this I follow this rule myself more than any of the others. I sweat a lot so I carry and apply deodorant with me often. Why? Because I don’t want to stink yo!

san diego gasExplore: Don’t stick to the convention center the whole weekend, explore the downtown area! You’re in America’s finest city so why not venture out into it and see what it has to offer. From it’s vibrant night life to the plethora of fine eating establishments there is a lot to experience. Don’t just stop there, why not visit a beach or have a picnic in the park? The weather is going to be great so why not take advantage of it! Also, I am not sure why no one has arranged a cosplay picnic but this should become a thing!  I assure you I have not sold out to the San Diego Board of Tourism, I bought in!

planning dawgHave a plan: Yes, you should most definitely have a plan of action but you should also know that a majority of what’s on said plan probably won’t happen. So why have one in the first place? Well it helps to have an idea of where you’ll be at which part of the day so that if anything goes wrong you can still find something fun to do. Didn’t make it into that panel you wanted to go to? Not a problem! You’re close to the meet up for that fandom you like a lot so hit that up and make new friends! Or hey there is some kind of scavenger hunt, time for an adventure!

Got any other tips yourself? Share em!