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Why do we let Yost hog all the wish list goodness? It’s that gifty time of year again, and I want attention too! Or, you know, you might have a lady you need to buy a gift for. I’m not here to tell you what to do.


I'm so ready for you, BradBlack Milk Clothing Adventure Time Collection – Oh my glob. Splendid spandex site Black Milk Clothing has long been known for its quirky, nerdy female clothing. To add to their already fabulous collections, they’ve just release a truly algebraic Adventure Time line. P-bubs, Tree Trunks, Party God – the gang’s all here. Guys. They’ve even got an LSP Wolfpack suit! (I need dis.) Perfect for your weekly prom coming dance. $60-100, blackmilkclothing.com



 Fluttershy will eat your soulMy Little Pony POP! Vinyl – While I like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (it’s maaagic, people), I personally get a little tired of the brony culture and Hasbro’s money grubbing. However, I find it hard to resist anything POP! Vinyl comes up with, let alone these adorable, yet somehow weirdly creepy black-eyed pony figures. $9.99, thinkgeek.com



getprojecto projectorProjecto Instagram Projector –
For the photo whore in your life (be honest, that person is probably you), this thing loads photos from your Instagram and projects them on the wall! We, the good people of Racket Magazine, each have our own personal instagrams. Shameless plug – go! wackymondo, boardwalktoeden, luketoney, jeaniejackflash and dr_emperor (Yost is an extra photo whore and even has two! Shitwasdelicious) Obviously there’s a lot of goodies here to choose from if you need to fill one of these babies up. $34.98, getprojecto.com


It's smaller than 11's because he's not, erm, compensating. He said so on the show...Doctor Who
Tenth Doctor Universal Remote
– I mentioned previously how fucking cool these universal remotes are. Remember – the only Doctor Who accessory you’ll ever need. I stand solidly by that. This one, released just this past October, was cast from David Tennants personal show prop. From his personal collection. From his house. I wonder if he sleeps with it at night… Uh… Never mind. $99.99, thinkgeek.com


dinosaur creature cup 150Creature Cups
– First, just consider the puns here. Tea-ranosaurus Rex. And then consider how awesome it is to have a dinosaur popping out of the bottom of your tea cup. What more do you need to know? You can choose from a variety of creature styles, suitable for all tastes. And teas! $19.99-24.99, etsy.com



artsnackslogoArtSnacks –
For a crafty person like me, there is little that is more utterly delightful than opening my mailbox and seeing that little pretzel logo waiting inside. ArtSnacks works like a magazine subscription, but instead of shiny paper you’ll recycle when you’re done, you receive samples! Glorious art samples! Pens, brushes, ink. It’s wonderful. $20 a month, artsnacks.co



Looking like a Right ArseholeModern Toss Periodic Table of Swearing Mug – Modern Toss is something I only recently stumbled upon but once I did, I discovered what’s been missing from my life. On top of their collection of hilarious and creatively coarse comics, greeting cards, and calendars, Modern Toss offers the greatest everyday tool: the Periodic Table of Swearing. Complete with soothing classical music and a man with a lovely British accent, the PTOS charts swears from “Christ on a Fucking Bike” to “Bullshitting Wanker” and other necessary elements of swearing. I don’t need chemistry in my life anymore, just this. There’s even a mug. (Can the mug also come with a British man??) $12.84. moderntoss.com (note – it ships from the UK)