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ccip_wc_logoFor the first, possibly last, and only time Wonder Con made it’s way to the Los Angeles Convention Center. For it’s sole foray into the city of Los Angeles I have to say it might have been my favorite time attending the con. Aside from a much easier time getting into the convention center via public transportation the convention had much more to offer this year than in previous installments. Although that has less to do with the location and more so to do with the continuing trend of the organizer’s expanding the event and making it a more viable, as well as accessible, alternative to San Diego Comic Con.

Just trying to walk the entire exhibit hall throughout the weekend felt a bit overwhelming. The time I gave myself to walk the area was not enough and in retrospect I wish I would have allocated more. While I was still able to traverse all the areas I wasn’t able to give as much attention to the artist’s alley and small press as I would have liked. I’m probably more distraught about missing the former than I should be. A small regret but not the worse problem to have at a convention, too much rad stuff going on. However, I will note that this has become a recurring theme for me at conventions which says a lot about both the growth of conventions as a whole as well as my poor planning skills. At the very least I was able to score a copy of Paper Girls Issue 1 for only 4 bucks. Sadly, I couldn’t find any Spider-Gwen figures during my search. It seems everyone had sold out early on and now I’m left to deal with jerks on eBay. Damn.

As far as panels go I was able to hit up a few on Saturday. I was able to make the live drawing panel which I always see but usually just brush off. After attending on Saturday morning I am kicking myself for not attending in the past. Essentially the moderator works with the crowd to give suggestions to the artists to sketch live with varying degrees of ridiculous. Sergio Aragones of MAD Magazine was easily one of the highlights of this panel. Next up on the panel slate was The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles panel moderated Andre of Black Nerd Comedy. The panel featured a good portion of the voicecast including a surprise drop in from Zelda Williams, voice of Mona Lisa. However, the biggest highlight of the panel had to be seeing the trans dimensional turtles episode a day early. I’ll post a more in depth review later but I will say this much now. It was amazing. Then rounding out the panels for the evening was the world premiere of the new DC Animated Movie, “Justice League Vs. Teen Titans”. As with the turtles panel the screening was absolutely amazing and I will review the film later this week. However, I will say now that getting to see Jerry O’Connell at WonderCon for the first time ever was pretty fucking rad.

Basically WonderCon is awesome and continues become better every year. It’s quickly transformed itself from the “Consolation Con” it once was during it’s first foray in Anaheim several years ago into a hot ticket convention where badges are selling out. I’m not sure if it will ever┬áreach the same level of popularity as SDCC or if that is even a goal that the organizers but it’s definitely something that could happen. Regardless, if you have the ability to go to WonderCon you should just be smart and buy your badge early.

Enjoy some photos By the always awesome Wilt Dog.