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Das SwellersThis past Sunday The Swellers played a house show to promote their latest record The Light Under Closed Doors which is out now. On this tour the band decided that they wanted to play as many house shows as possible, wanting to share the intimate setting as much as they could on this outing. Unfortunately I got their rather late due to work and was only able to catch The Swellers just as they started their set. I did want to actually come out and enjoy some of the openers but scheduling just didn’t allow for it. Sorry openers, nothing personal I just have bills to pay. Perhaps next time! The show itself wasn’t actually inside the house but rather it was in the driveway of all places which I am sure to plenty people this isn’t anything profound. I’ve seen shows in living rooms, kitchens, garages, and even hotel rooms but driveway was a first. I was bit fearful the cops would shut down the show being that it was in Pomona but thankfully things went off with no legal interference. Punx: 1 Copz: 0.

The set itself was damn fun and comprised of hits spanning the band’s discography save for a notable absence of their timeless classic, Montreal Screwjob. There were even a few covers thrown into the mix because what’s a house( or driveway) show without some covers!? The Operation Ivy cover definitely got my inner ska kid excited and that little guy has been bummed out as of late so it was greatly appreciated. The band themselves made sure to keep the crowd entertained with some excellent banter, poking fun at officer that had arrived earlier, The Wonder Years, and how the term punk pop is much better than pop punk.

Overall the show was an fantastic and a great time was had by all save for the kids who got tickets for blocking driveways with their cars. Learn not to be assholes next time dum dums!