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Live_and_Acoustic_At_The_Palace.jpgThe Used
Live and Acoustic At The Palace

I usually approach live albums with caution, and The Used’s new live album is why.

I’m sure that the show was a blast, if you were there. There was grand orchestration, banter that was an appropriate length to give fans insight into the tracks without being annoying, and a solid cross section of their repertoire represented… but goddamn does the recording of it suck. Burt’s voice sounds like someone’s stomping on his sack and he tries his damnedest to reach puberty and there are times I’m not sure if the guitarist fell asleep. But, I suppose the bass sounded alright. I don’t blame the band whatsoever, but the engineers who recorded this should be ashamed of themselves.

If you are a huge fan of the band, I bet you’ll think back fondly on the memories of your moshing the night away. But, I sure wouldn’t recommend thisĀ as brand new exposure to the band.