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logolobbyimg.pngThe Lobby, an up-and-coming local comedy troupe, will be celebrating their three year anniversary this weekend at the Stages Theater in Fullerton! The Lobby is a six man comedy team and has been performing and wowing audiences all over Orange county and the Inland Empire. In honor of this awesome occasion, Saturday’s show will also be featuring prize giveaways and competitions, as well as a special guest. Aside from their live shows, the Lobby also offers a pod-cast style free-form talk show for free on their web-site. I haven’t listened to it, but I’m sure it’s amazing or something.

The Low Down: The Cast
When: Josh Nicols
Sat. Dec. 13th @ 10:30pm Matt Thomas
Price: $5 bucks! Carl Entner
Where: Fullerton, CA. 92832 D.J. O’Hea
The Lobby Alex Herrera
STAGEStheatre Sir Chase Hooper
400 E Commonwealth Ave.
Fullerton, CA. 92832 Special Guest: Heather something


thelobbyimprov.com | myspace.com/the_lobby_improv

I sat down and talked with DJ O’Hea and Matt Thomas, two of the Lobby’s members who, like delicate and mysterious sea creatures, allowed us here at Racket Magazine an intimate view into their intriguing behind the scenes personal lives…

Racket Laura: If you were stranded on a desert island, which one of your teammates would you eat first?
Matt: Well, Alex is the easy answer. Josh may be bigger, but he’s a leader type figure and Alex is the second most amount of food…but Carl is safe because he is kosher.

Racket Laura: In honor of Carl’s Jewish heritage, I hear you’ll be giving away a free circumcision to one of the lucky audience members, is this true?
Matt: Yes. Even if you are already circumcised.

Racket Laura: What other fabulous prizes can they look forward to having a chance of winning?
Matt: A 2009 season pass to all our shows, a sketch drawn by DJ…
DJ: Carl for a night, an Official “Lobby” Calender! …And, a hug from “Sir” Chase Hooper.

Racket Laura: Is it true you just came from the funeral of the original “Alex”?
DJ: That is a myth. It was an unrelated birthday party.
Racket Laura: How many of them have you gone through?
Matt: There’s the one who froze to death.
DJ: …and Alex with Kung-Fu grip.
Matt: Oh! Remember Black Alex?
DJ: He was always in the back. Then one who OD’ed on Cafeen. Not “caffeine” like in soda.
Matt: But “Cafeen”, which is baby-cow juice.
Racket Laura: Isn’t there supposed to be an “L” in there?
Matt: No.

DJ: You’ll spell check this right?
Racket Laura: I’ll completely edit it, and most likely distort your words and use them out of context.
Matt: Make it so it looks like DJ says “I love penises”!
Racket Laura: That is going to be the title.

Racket Laura: How did you guys meet?
Matt: All of us met in high school, except DJ, whom we purchased on a slave ship.

Racket Laura: Why are you guys named “The Lobby”?
Matt: We’re named after the “Let’s All Go to the Lobby” song from 50’s movie theaters ads.
DJ: I named it!
Matt: We wanted to use that as entrance music. We’ve used it like twice.

Racket Laura: Do you guys consider yourselves to be as appealing to young viewers as concession snacks?
DJ: I’m a candy bar (mint flavored for her pleasure.)
Matt: I’m Dr. Pepper.
Racket Laura: The educated choice.

Racket Laura: Which one of you is the “Sassy” one of the group?
Matt: DJ is sassy in terms of style. He’s like a sassy hat.
DJ: But Chase has that “No you di’in’t” attitude.

Racket Laura: Which one of you is “The Pretty One”?
Matt: DJ. Unless you mean pretty like a pony, then it’s Carl.

Racket Laura: If you were all Planeteers, which one of you would be “Heart”?
[Together]: Carl.

Racket Laura: Do any of you have special powers?
DJ: I can lift things with my hands.
Matt: Alex has “The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and the News.

Racket Laura: What is your favorite board game?
DJ: Kick Ball.
Matt: Crossword puzzles.

Racket Laura: Which Jeopardy question do you wish you had a chance to be asked?
Matt: Well that’s silly. Jeopardy asks answers.
Racket Laura: You win a star!
Matt: WOO! Suck it, DJ!
DJ: Wait, that’s not fair! I was thinking of Wheel of Fortune.

Racket Laura: If you had a microwavable breakfast treat named after you what would you want it to be?
Matt: Mine would just be aluminum foil.

Racket Laura: I know you guys claim to not consider any race better then any other, but which one/ones do you consider to be worse?
Matt: I think the elderly is probably the inferior race now.
DJ: And then horses.

Racket Laura: What do you guys do when your aren’t Lobbying it up?
DJ: I haven’t stopped Lobbying it up… in… so long… I need to get laid.
Matt: DJ is really good at guessing games!
DJ: Hey, we should Lobby it up right now!
Matt: DJ, you’re guessing! Okay, I’m a celebrity…
Matt: [With Sean Connery accent] “Monster’s Ball”. Who was I?
DJ: I’ve got it! “A Celebrity”. *high-five*
Matt: I told you he was good!

Racket Laura: I am sure many lovely ladies (and fellas) would love to be your groupies, what sort of qualifications do you look for?
DJ: I need someone who can support me. I refuse to use my own legs when I’m not on stage.

Racket Laura: OK, shameless plug…. GO!
DJ: I’m DJ and I’m single and looking to mingle.

Racket Laura: How likely are we to see DJ with no pants on at this next show?
Matt: As likely as you are to see Alex without a shirt, which is to say, very likely.

Racket Laura: If you want people to associate The Lobby with one word, what should it be?
DJ: “Lobby”
Matt: “The”
DJ: No wait, “Funny”!

-Laura Gaddy