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When the band Pup was first brought up in a conversation I was told nothing but good things; they were a band I “had to check out” and “your new favorite band”. The usual stuff your friends say  about a band they’re trying to sell you on. Yet I was puzzled as to how a band that didn’t have a release out already had fans. So I did a bit of research on this mysterious band and found out that this delightful quartet was based where America keeps it’s snow, Canada.

I also discovered through my search that the young band technically had a debut album out but the release was only available in their homeland of Poutine and hockey. Now the release is available everywhere else and it’s definitely worth your consideration. Aside from the not so impressive album artwork the debut effort is a solid record from these delightful canucks.

Pup have crafted a sound that is a bit of a juxtaposition; a chaotic blend of punk rock that never quite becomes too abrasive but doesn’t hold back any punches. Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of some heavy stuff but every now and again I would like to enjoy something powerful without my ears bleeding. While Pup won’t be played in a Starbucks anytime soon your neighbors may ask you for the name of this band instead of asking you to turn it down. If they do ask you to turn it down, fuck em( or be a good neighbor and put on some headphones, either works)!Save for the track “Yukon”, just wasn’t into it, every song could be considered a banger.

Pup’s debut album is fun, energetic music that makes you want to get off your ass and do something. If I were a pro wrestler “reservoir” could easily be my intro music as I run into the ring Ultimate Warrior style ready to kick some ass. Pick up the record sooner rather than later. If you’re still a bit on the fence they’re touring with The Menzingers this summer so you can check them out then and decide for yourself. Just do yourself a favor get the album now so you can know the words come this June.