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So, last time I wrote something about the Angel City Derby Girls, I discovered firsthand the fury of kombucha-powered heckling. It was, well, just like any other internet trolling: lots of impassioned insults that were ultimately silent when proven to be on the losing side.

So, imagine my surprise when the ladies of ACDG tells me that the unwashed masses of Santa Cruz were not their main rivals, that slot was saved for the Sacred City Sacrificers (Terrible name, by the way. Who do you think you are, JESUS?!).

Well, anyways, the team representing… what happens in Sacramento besides dysfunction? Nothing? Bueller… Bueller…

No, seriously. Why the fuck is the state capitol there? Who’s brilliant idea was that? Everyone knows that it would be far more convenient for the state legislation to get their share of debauchery and page boys (bois?) in West Hollywood. Fucking Sacramento.

So Team Dysfunctional Government will be playing in their fierce rivalry against our hometown heroes on Saturday, March 16th at the Culver City Memorial Auditorium.

You can find more info >HERE< and you can buy your tickets >HERE<