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Ahh, Comic-Con. A time for everyone to set aside their differences and focus on the love of the art of comics. Nah, just kidding. DC sucks and I’m totally loving all the rad fucking toys and exclusives that San Diego Comic-Con has going on this year. Things that have ruled so far:

Mimico’s Adventure Time Fionna, Dark Knight Rises Bane and some Storm Trooper exclusive flash drives.

Since Caitlin and I are huge Adventure Time fans, we obviously only cared about that. And apparently so did everyone else, as Cait grabbed the last Fionna flash drive $25 for a 16GB drive, making 10 year olds cry for days to come.

Pirate Domo from IDW comics.

This is where I go from fat, tattooed, aging white guy to, err, fat, tattooed, aging white guy who gets all giddy because he got a Domo toy in a pirate costume. $9 well spent. Always good for photo opps with scantily clad cosplayers. “Hey! Weird, chubby Psylocke! Wanna take a picture with Pirate Domo in your cleavage? Yea, I thought so.”

Disney Store So Tasty food-scented Vinylmation figures.

So, Disney, in all of their “we can make anything happen, so take that, physics” power have made toys that smell like food. Not scratch and sniff, mind you, they just smell like deliciousness. I got a Vinylmation that smells like Super Nachos. It does NOT taste like Super Nachos, so do NOT try to eat them. TRUST ME! While these figures are technically Con exclusives, we heard through the grapevine (err, Disney Store’s Director of Toys John Balen) that the toys MAY be available at DisneyStore.com if they survive the Con. Is there anything that you are trying to get your hands on? Let us know via Twitter (@RacketMagazine)! Heh, I’m still excited that I got a nachos Vinylmation figure. NACHOS ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!

-The Emperor