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Mantry1I used to think that the Omaha Steaks style of mail-order food was weird as hell. I mean, it’s kind of weird to have someone mail you food, right? I’ve seen this “cheese doodle of the month” or “Weekly Ecuadorian Cane Syrup” clubs floating around for a while, but thought “Nah, maaaan, I like THIS brand of cheese doodle.” But Mantry changes everything.

Started by three dudes (Reggie, an ex-French Laundry* apprentice; Tony, some multi-lingual taco-lover; and Kyle, a dude who starred in a film with Emilio Estevez. That film was NOT The Mighty Ducks, so it doesn’t really matter.) who love food, Mantry brings together a mix of fancy-as-fuck (anything with goat’s cheese or an ingredient with an a country’s name in it) and man-food staples (chorizo, anything with bourbon) and delivers it to your door so that you can continue to live your manly life as God intended: with no pants and watching the game (Don’t judge me if said “game” is Guts, Ninja Warrior, Puppy Bowl, or Iron Chef America.)

Now, this shit is $75, which sure sounds like a lot of MGD, but if the PAST BOXES is any indication, this sounds worth it. They mix food you can pour directly into your gullet as well as some ingredients that you can use to highlight just how much Chopped you really watch. Fellas, with Valentine’s day coming up, tell your lady (or fella, no judgement here) that you’re tired of the old gender stereotypes involved with Valentine’s Day and that YOU’D like to be pampered for once. Well, once a month. So, instead of a few trips to Applebee’s, get one of these instead and treat yo self. Visit Mantry.com to subscribe.

*If you haven’t heard of the French Laundry look it up. Especially if you liked Ratatouille