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TWD gameSan Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino debuted Aristocrat Technologies and AMC‘s new Walking Dead Slot Game this week and as a fan of the franchise, I have to say it’s pretty fantastic. Growing up reading about the possible zombie apocalypse, I’ve always worried about “walkers,” a popular term for zombies on the hit show, coming after me in an attempt to devour me whole. It turns out I was wrong in fearing for my life.This entire time I should have been fearing for my paycheck as I could easily see myself investing a pretty penny on this game if I’m not careful.

The game saw it’s official launch this Wednesday and will soon be infecting casinos across the country as droves of zombie bait line up to take a chance to win some cash, and hopefully fight off some zombies while they’re at it. I took it for a test run as part of a press event and I have to say, San Manuel definitely showed off the game in style.

Present at the event were several walkers as well as a long line of people ready to try out the game. The majority of whom had priority access via a Facebook contest conducted by the Casino’s marketing team. Along with priority access the contest winners were given 10 free spins courtesy of the casino and an exclusive shirt to commemorate the event. Yours truly was able to snag a shirt amidst all the chaos going on. There were smiles abound as many of the priority users were able to walk away with some extra cash, an interesting combination as several zombies were walking around.

zombie selfie statusAs evidenced by the picture to your right, not even facing imminent danger from being eaten could stop be from being excited over winning ten dollars. A win is a win no matter how you look at and ten dollars is lunch money. The game operates similarly to basic slot games in regards to game play but as you play you’ll encounter popular cut scenes from season 1 of the Walking Dead. From time to time zombies will attack you and can result in a huge jackpot if you’re lucky.

The game runs on a wide area progressive jackpot, meaning that the several games out there are connected and the jackpot will progressively get bigger as more people play the game. However, once someone wins the jackpot at one game the amount resets for all games. Currently there are only 4 of these slot games at San Manuel but Melissa Adams, an executive for Aristocrat, mentioned that a second follow up game based on season 3 would be released in the near future. No release date was given for the sequel but that there would be some kind of announcements for the game this fall.

If you haven’t been to San Manuel and you’re itching to try the game for yourself perhaps a trip in the near future is in order. I would definitely recommend it. If gambling isn’t your thing, bring someone who doesn’t mind parting with some of their cash and live vicariously through them. Maybe pick up a cocktail while you’re there if that’s more your style. Carl doesn’t stay in the house so why should you?