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X-Men-Days-of-Future-Past-comic-coverIn our latest episode we bring to you thoughts on two big blockbuster films that made their way on to the scene in the past 2 weeks. The first of which is a hard reboot of the Godzilla franchise. Mike and I had some differing thoughts on this one but overall we feel it’s a movie worth watching. The second film up for discussion is the latest installment of the X-Men franchise, X-Men: Days of Future Past. The film serves as a course correction for the long standing franchise now in it’s seventh film. Something the series direly needed with the amount of inconsistencies and less than stellar movies released in the past decade. Of course Mike and I make sure to branch out beyond movie recaps and discuss several noteworthy topics taking place in the nerdosphere. It was quite the week and even with all the various topics we talked about we still probably missed something. So here is a run down in case you want to find out more!

David Goyer makes an idiot out of himself
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice announced as official title for Man of Steel sequel
Extended trailer for the new series featuring The Flash coming to the CW
The latest in Dungeons & Dragons news
The second Guardians of the Galaxy trailer is released
Edgar Wright and Marvel part ways on Ant-Man project
Drew Goddard leaves Daredevil

This could easily be our best episode yet. We’re finally getting the hang of this whole “not sucking” thing. However, if you still think we blow now you can tell us using social media! You can blast us on twitter or insult us for posting the most banal┬áminutiae of our lives on instagram! So follow us, or don’t! I’m not your dad.