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Set your watches to Adventure Time!  Lines were out the door for Gallery NucleusAdventure Time art opening celebrating the show’s one year anniversary. From its humble beginnings as a whimsical short  about distraught rainacorns, punching wizards, riding penguins, and doing it to the max, Adventure Time made its way to Cartoon Network and blossomed into the full blown twisted candy-coated fever dream the show is today.

The event featured special appearances by voices from the show and guest artists, and signings by the show’s creator Pendelton Ward himself.  Racket was able to briefly chat with Ward about his craft, and after first agreeing to join us in a sinewy booty shaking dance session, he shared with us the secret to creating a hit cartoon show in six characters or less: “@@@@:) (Marge Simpson)”.

Adventure Time: A Look Behind the Land of Ooo is a great collection of art from the show and amazing work inspired by it. The exhibit will be on display until May 6th

-By Laura Gaddy

Images from opening night:

Show's voice actors talking with fansShow Creator Pendelton Ward