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Lenore – Noogies
Roman Dirge

Titan Books

With the percentage of his body covered by tattoos firmly in the double digits, Roman Dirge is the G that all the little gothies want to be. The Noogies collection of Lenore bits is a collection of dark, funny, and sometimes simply fucked up tales involving the titular character.

Having died and been embalmed, Lenore’s outlook on life is…different. Between mounting friendly butterflies to a board to ensure they keep their word and dealing with stuffed vampires (I can only assume that either Joss Whedon yoinked this for the Angel episode “Smile Time” or vice versa) Lenore also tries to deal with suitors, a babysitting gig and uppity opossums. This almost always ends in death or dismemberment, which we all know is TOTALLY AWESOME.

Extra bonus is the guest art gallery, featuring Jhonen Vasquez (ZIM!) and Ted Naifeh (Death, JR – AWESOME!). The only drawback isn’t even much of a drawback, and that’s some grammatical/spelling errors. I mean, this guy gets CASH MONEY to do this, and he throws out “except” instead of “accept.” Where the crap is my book deal?

–Jonathan Yost