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customer_blue_300-1.gifThe Customer is Always Wrong: The Retail Chronicles
Edited by Jeff Martin
Soft Skull Press

As I have been a retail employee for the last decade, I relate to a vast majority of the stories of asshole customers, incompetent leadership and dicking off on the company dime. From humorous bits of being locked in the store to a rookie’s failure to close down a boutique shop, The Retail Chronicles sufficiently capture the quiet debilitation of a retail employees self esteem. Whether you are a current or ex-retail employee, or even a customer whose extravagant demands have landed them in here, The Customer is Always Wrong is a solid choice when looking for real-life tales of hope and despair. Though I am bummed they skipped any tales of the store’s undercover security, I have enough tales of my own to tide me over. Maybe Mr. Martin can hit me up for a tale for volume two!

–Jonathan Yost