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If you’re a fan of comics from the 90’s, you’ll be pleased to hear some surprising titles just got new action figures as part of Shocker Toys’ Indie Spotlight collection. All the toys in the line have a bonus Isz figure from The Maxx to use as target practice. A throwback to the era when MTV still played music and showed cutting-edge alternative animation like Liquid Television instead of reality show douche-bags on a continuous loop.

I was actually  pretty excited to see they had a figure for Scud the Disposable Assassin. The pop-culture spouting, sass talking, killer robot dispensed from a vending machine to kick ass, who has to work a day job to stay alive.  The comic was done by Rob Schrab, who’s continued to be the force behind a fuck-ton of awesome since his Scud days, working on feature films like Monster House, directing for Children’s Hospital and Parks and Recreation, and a short called “Robot Bastard”, and is the mastermind behind Channel 101, which still has screenings in LA.

The Scud toy itself is pretty badass and captures the rubbery, over the top, fluid poses and feel of Schrab’s art style surprisingly faithfully. It also comes with an extra set of inter-exchangeable hands, which despite being made by “Shocker” Toys, sadly aren’t intended for that use. I was pretty impressed all the same. Here’s to hoping they make a Voodoo Ben Franklin with a battle kite and mountable zombie T-Rex figure next!

-By Laura Gaddy


FUN FACT: Scud starred in his own mildly popular Sega Saturn game. Enjoy the 90’s-tastic computer graphics…