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Written by Erik Jensen, art by Sheperd Hendrix
Viking Warrior Press

In a world of corporate superiority, Reconciliation is the process of settling contract negotiations…through teams of murderous mercenaries…on live TV! While it’s a bit of a tired idea, Robot Jox had a similar one first, it’s not a bad graphic novel. There’s some questions I have, like what’s up with the mutants (like grotesque monstrosities, not X-Men), what’s the deal with the “real news” versus Mad Max-like attacks on supplies, etc. But there’s only so much character development and back story you can put into a single graphic novel, and Erik Jensen’s writing coupled with Sheperd Hendrix’ art makes for at least an interesting read but would make a more interesting movie. Co-created by R. Emery Bright and Jensen, it’s a good start, but I’d want to see even more from the post-apocalyptic world of The Reconcilers. That said, my time as a union worker has me all about the anti-corporate ending. Fuck those dudes.