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DrWho_sonic_screwdriver_remoteThe 50th anniversary of one of the most-loved sci-fi series of all time is right around the corner. You feel compelled to mark the occasion with something awesome, something the Doctor himself would smile at. But like me, you feel too cool to have your apartment bedecked by a Doctor Who throw rug, yet too geeky to simply get a t-shirt. Nay, this occasion must be marked by something more substantial, something, dare I say… Fantastic.

There’s just one thing you need for this scenario – or for any scenario which calls for a little DW flair, really – which happens to be PERFECT for a 50th anniversary viewing party. I give you the 11th Doctor Mark VII Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote.

This screwdriver is a fully function universal remote with 13 programmable gesture-based commands, and it makes a myriad of authentically timey-wimey sounds, including 4 different sonic screwdriving effects. Cool, right? On top of that, the thing has the ability to control anything with an IR code. ANYTHING.  (Please note, true to its nature, this remote doesn’t do wood). Be creative folks – it will do more than change your T.V. channels. Things that have remotes – your ceiling fan, light dimmer, radio… I want to try it on a garage door opener just to mess with the neighbors.

A note for the technologically inept (like me) – this is not a difficult thing to program or use (mostly). Programming is simply a matter of 1) point the sonic screwdriver at your remote, 2) gesture, and 3) tap the command on the remote you want the sonic screw driver to perform. Too hard? Here’s a video to help you out.

This is the closest you’ll get to a working time lord experience without the TARDIS landing in your backyard (hey, we can dream).

Oh? Matt Smith is not your favorite Doctor? Well then, friends, it gets better.

Think Geek and The Wand Company, in their infinite wisdom, just released the 10th Doctor’s version of the sonic screw driver remote this month! Not only does this glorious gem of a gadget control your electronics like mentioned previously, this one is made from an actual 3D cast of David Tennant’s personal sonic screwdriver prop. From his personal collection. You know, THE ONE HE USED AS THE DOCTOR.

It doesn’t get much better than that, folks.

All in all, this gadget looks amazing, feels substantial and weighty – not like a flimsy plastic prop at all. It’s cool enough to impress friends who don’t get Doctor Who, but absolutely geeky enough to make your Whovian friends faint when you whip it out to turn the channel to BBC.

You can buy both of these sonic screwdrivers on ThinkGeek.com – $99.99 for each. Allons-y!