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pinballLook, I truly believe that Metallica jumped the hard rock shark years ago, but I would play the living shit out of a Metallica Pinball game. Hopefully I’ll get to play this at Comic-Con, since it will be hanging out at Nuclear Blast’s booth (#503) July 18th-21st. I wonder if there’s shit like the Master Of Puppets Multiplier or the Battery Bonus Ball round. Maybe when it steals your quarters it’s all “UNFORGIVEN” or “Thanks for giving my fuel, giving my fire, giving me that which I desire: QUARTERS, MOTHERFUCKER!” You can probably bet that an ignited James Hetfield won’t be lighting up the board. I’d be careful taking pictures of it, though, Lars might pull a Lou Ferrigno and try to charge you for it. Fucking Lou Ferrigno. You know it’s… SAD BUT TRUUUUUEEEEEE!! Sorry. See more -> HERE

-Jonathan Yost