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After giving some serious thought to it I have decided to start a new series called “Mondo Sits at Cons”. The nature of my job involves me traveling to various comic conventions across the North American continent. However, because I am working a booth I can’t really travel to see much. So what the series will showcase is various cosplays that I see and random observations from the show.

My hotel is super close, this is rad!

Apparently there is an outside garden festival area that while is part of the con is also open to the non attendees.  There is a beer garden sponsored by Lagunitas. Cool

This wristband looks like something they give you at the emergency room.

Said wristband is much more efficient for the tap system than SDCC and Wondercon badges. 

Steve Wozniak’s face is pretty much on everything, this is…interesting.

Apparently you can buy an autograph from ” The Woz” for only $40? I think I’m good.

This grey carpet kind of looks like something my grandma had at her old house. 

I’m not really into having a half day on Friday. There’s nothing wrong with keeping things to two days

I found the secret bathroom that no one knows about. I can now poop with ease. SUCCESS!

The food options here at the con don’t suck for once and the prices aren’t outrageous? There are vegan options? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?!

Am i the only one tired of these inflatable dinosaur suits?

You really don’t see enough Galaxy Quest cosplays.

This hoverboard pimped out to be a Hobgoblin glider is something else.

At a con where both Sam Jones and Grant Gustin are in attendance maybe you shouldn’t both refer to them as Flash? It might confuse people.

NASA has a really sweet booth set up.

I really want to ride Marty’s truck.

That vegan donut was really good.

Why are you only now just announcing the “secret” artists alley on the last day of the con?

Silicon Valley Comic Con is actually pretty chill. I would definitely come out here again. Either as a vendor or an attendee. 

Enjoy the slide show kids!