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Mondo in the BankAfter some delays the team is back to talk wrestling and Avengers Phase 3. In the first act we talk about the release of WWE2k15, the WWE Network’s November promotion, Survivor Series 2014, and PWG’s next event in December. Then in acts two and three we discuss the Marvel Cinematic Universe heavily. With the announcement of phase 3 last week there was much to talk about and we easily could have done 3 shows dedicated to the announcement. We not only talked about what Phase 3 means for the Marvel Cinematic Universe but comic book movies as a whole. It truly is a great time to be a nerd right now.

For our musical breaks we decided to play some GWAR in honor of their amazing show this past Monday in Santa Ana and Against Me to celebrate the 11th year anniversary of “As the Eternal Cowboy”. Enjoy the show!