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Yesterday, I got an email from the good folks over at Mondo Tees about their new vinyl pressing of the soundtrack for the upcoming Colossal movie. An hour later, I was neck deep in drool after staring at the pretty vinyl colors and amazing art of a variety of movie soundtracks, ranging from classics like Jurassic Park and Back to the Future to video game legends like Castlevania and Ninja Gaiden. I am far too broke to order one of each, but, I definitely want to help these rad soundtracks pressed on equally rad vinyl colorways find a home. So, if you hadn’t heard of Mondo Tees, you’re about to get a mini-crash course.

10 Cloverfield Lane – A soundtrack by Bear McCreary,  who is also the badass behind some other amazing soundtracks, like The Walking Dead, Marvel’s Agents of Shield, and the Doomstar Requiem, which was absolutely fucking awesome.

Alien Complete Soundtrack – I mean, honestly, how fucking rad is this movie, soundtrack, alien design, whatever? Now the soundtrack is coming at you on either a 2x LP set (including one on “acid green” vinyl) or a massive 4x LP set. This is a pre-order for a September launch, but still. 

Colossal Soundtrack – More radness coming from Bear McCreary. I am more than a little excited to see this flick. I have not heard it, but the art looks phenomenal. Then again, I want to see any kind of kaiju movie. Now to plow through this piece so I can watch Pacific Rim.

Back to the Future FUCK YESSSSSSSSSS. I love this fucking score. And the soundtrack. And the movie. And the cast. Alan Silvestri is the fucking man. He did the scores for Predator, Captain America, and Who Framed Roger Fucking Rabbit. Hot damn. And clear vinyl w/ electric blue splatter is rad as shit.

The Iron Giant – The first Funko Pop I got for my office is the Iron Giant and I’m pumped on the little fella. Now, in addition to vinyl figures, you can bring the Iron Giant to life through this sweet, steel grey 2X LP set. 

Inside Out – Honestly, the song’s OK, but the rad thing is the distinct covers for the various editions of the 7″ for the title track. Any Black Flag mash up with Disney is a mashup I can get behind.

Jurassic World – Just look at it. It’s goddamned glorious. LIFE FINDS A WAY. Also, I already own this bad boy, and can vouch for the top-notch 180 gram vinyl pressing. These things are made really well.

Monster Squad Remember when you found out Sean’s sister wasn’t a virgin?! Damn. I was floored. Just as I am now while researching more on Monster Squad to find out that Shane Black helped write this, Predator, AND Lethal Weapon and would go on to direct Iron Man 3, which was killer.


Spiderman Slipmat – Oh, and they also have this friendly neighborhood slipmat for your record player.