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MoGlCastAnother MiMoCast Monday is upon us and this week’s episode is a bit of a deviation from the norm. Unfortunately Mike wasn’t able to record on Sunday so I had to interview our special guest, Glynnes Pruett, all by my lonesome. Rather than host the show solo I convinced her to stay on the whole episode as my fill in co-host for the week and had some fun. We jokingly decided that we were going to change the name of the podcast to the MoGlCast, at least for this week without Mike. Aside from the usual nerdy banter that typically goes on here Glynnes and I discussed some of the projects she has going on at the moment. One of which being a class on how to make comic books that she is currently teaching to various youths across Orange County.

We deviated from the structure a bit but I think it helped somewhat. It’s nice to do things differently from time to time; we promise that this week’s episode is awesome! So be sure to check it out, follow The Comic Book Hideout on facebook, and let us know what you think.

The music featured on this episode is provided by Laura Stevenson & the Cans and Max Bemis of Say Anything.