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ggcf1.jpgThere comes a time in everyone’s life when they are forced to make a choice that reveals their true character, this time came to Racket during Comic-Con in the form of a decision to go see hot hot girls tearing each other’s clothes off or hang out with sweaty guys in a crowded convention hall, and the gang over at Racket did what any red blooded American would do… go to Comic-Con. So, I stepped up and fulfilled my duty by going to watch girls fight each other in skimpy clothing while taking careful objective notes for the benefit of you, the reader. I then spent the night thinking about how to use this special opportunity to create a socially proactive and informative article highlighting important self-defense tips and went home to write about my feelings for a while. Quickly giving up on that idea, I instead invited my gal-pals over to talk about how cute the outfits were while we took a group shower and brushed each other’s hair. If you would like to join me for a salon discussion about career opportunities for women in the spy/assassin industry we will be meeting in the courtyard at brunch. Bring your bikini. (Cucumber sandwiches and powdered wigs will be provided)

by Laura Gaddy