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Via UpBuzzWorthyFeedPostHello, everyone! You know what rules? PRESENTS. You know what sucks? SPENDING MONEY. Here is our gift to you, a wonderful gift that costs NO MONEY. Zip. Zilch. Nada. 23 wonderful tracks from 23 wonderful musical acts.

If you want this FREE present, all you gotta do is click HERE.

None of the super fancy put-in-yer-email stuff. Just gotta click.

AFTER you download and listen to all of these rad acts, go like them on the Facebook, follow them on Twitter and sext them via SnapChat. GO WILD, MY FRIENDS!

1. Jesse Brewster & James DeParto – Winter Wonderland
2. The Far Country – Morning Light
3. The Snowflakes – Under The Mistletoe
4. Washed Out – It Feels All Right
5. Jimmy Baldwin – Beer Can Christmas Tree
6. The Calicos – Bad News Bearer
7. Seamonster – I Thought I Saw You In My Peripheral Vision
8. Michael Evans Project – You
9. Greasy Spoons – Dancin With A Stranger
10. Ronnie Fauss – Everybody Deserves a Merry Christmas
11. The Jezebelles – Chuck You!
12. Swells – Xmas Lights
13. Funkyjenn – Just Me And The Mistletoe
14. MC Prototype Feat. CookBook – Better Place
15. Starlings TN – Hey Pretty Mamma
16. Ted Wulfers – Mistletoes
17. The Lawsuits – 10 Cent Piece
18. The Maxies – It Ain’t No Fun
19. Pup – Reservoir
20. Rocket & The Ghost – Daylight
21. NGHBRS – We Were Wolves
22. Toy Soldiers – Red Dress
23. French Exit – DKE

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.
-The Emperor