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killersharks-art.jpgAhhh, free shit. You love it, I love it, EVERYONE loves it. With all the pirating and downloading and other shit that people claim to be the downfall of the record industry, it’s kind of amazing that a variety of labels and artists said “Eh, fuck it, give our shit away. For FREE!”

But, here you are, a compilation download with sweet artwork, a solid array of genres and actual effort put into it. Christine Curry did the artwork (ChristineCurry.com), Racket’s own Kateri Lirio mastered the thing and I, uh, drank a couple beers. Download the zip, drop it into whatever digital music player you find works best for you and enjoy.

You’ll find the set list behind the jump cut!

The Emperor

Download the compilation: Killer Sharks 1

1. Twisted Thoughts / Kinetic Stereokids
Overdraft Recordings

2. Wax and Wire / Loch Lomond
Hush Records

3. That Look You Give That Guy / Eels
Vagrant Records

4. Ocean Floor / The Denouement

5. Dave, You Are Killing Me. / Vagina Panther

6. Good Friends, Bad Habits / Owen
Polyvinyl Records

7. I Got The Time / The Passports

8. Who’s Got Your Money / Entice

9. Bringing Down The Walls / The Fascination Movement
Aube Records

10. Magic Show / Electric Owls
Vagrant Records

11. Amphetamine / Old Wives Tale
The Creative Motel, Inc

12. I’m Bored, Let’s Fight / The Neighborhood Bullys
Ruf Mix Records

13. We’re Gonna Fight / Pennywise
BYO Records

14. Inveigh / The Bronx
Original Signal Recordings

15. The Finish Line / Nakatomi Plaza

16. Rush / Only For The Night

17. Some Kind of Fake / Friends of Friends

18. Fold Up Like A Piece Of Paper / ArpLine

19. Green Light / Jump Clubb

20. Order Another Round / Malkovich & Sum
Genoa Imports/Good Look

ksback.jpg And a back cover should you, you know, care.