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Joyce FlyerJoyce Manor played their final show of 2013 at a sold out Echoplex presented by FYF this past weekend. Joining them in their final jaunt for the year were Paint it Black, Hesitation Wounds, and Here Between You and Me. Besides having the best flyer ever the show itself had an amazing line up. Though I have to admit the biggest highlight of the night was that it was Paint it Black’s first southern California show in over 3 years, their last show in the area being with Ceremony back in 2010. These days Paint it Black doesn’t really tour so to see them play a show is not only a very special treat but just a great time overall. With the show selling out a bit in advance I had some trouble wrangling a photographer at first but through some schmoozing I was able to acquire an extra ticket at no extra cost and my trusty sidekick Jackie hustled down to snap some shots. Unfortunately the two of us weren’t able to get in until after Here Between You and Me had played and it truly was a disappointment in retrospect. I listened to a few of their songs online recently and they’re pretty damn good but I am a sucker for 8 bit.

Paint it Black and Joyce Manor - 03

However, we did make it inside in time to see hardcore super band Hesitation Wounds. The band only has a 7-inch ep right now but it slays. Their set was a bit short because of how small their discography is but they did a great job getting the crowd to go nuts in the time they had on stage. They even tossed in covers by Nirvana and Minor Threat to help fill out their set time. I hope that in 2014 the band will release  another ep or something and perhaps play a few more shows. This band was TOO good but given it’s members I’m not surprised.

Paint it Black and Joyce Manor - 13Paint it Black then took the stage and I have to say the set was immaculate. Growing up I’ve loved Paint it Black so much to the point I’ve flown to Florida to see them and almost left my own college graduation early to make sure I saw them back in 2010. So although the 2+ year wait was a bit unbearable but it definitely made me appreciate the set that much more. The band blazed through song after song with social and political commentary infused banter peppered throughout. By the end of the set I was reminded why I place them on the pedestal that I do. They’re just that fucking good.

Paint it Black and Joyce Manor - 22As Joyce Manor kicked off their set I realized that this was both the biggest show I had seen them play and by far the biggest headlining show at that. After seeing them play DIY venues, house shows, small art galleries, and even booking them a few times myself it was nice to see them garner the kind of success they have. The band played played a powerful set filled with all the hits and a few new jams on their upcoming full length set to be released sometime in 2014. The kids went ape shit as I decided to stand to the side and not get pummeled by crowd surfers.

At one point half the crowd kind of fell on itself which was a bit entertaining. I mean I am glad no one got hurt and I helped pick up some kids but you have to admit that seeing a couple hundred kids in a pit falling on themselves is kind of funny. Overall it was a great show and I can only hope all the bands playing continue to do some awesome stuff in the coming year.