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touche-amore-is-survived-byTouché Amore
Is Survived By
Deathwish, Inc

Touché Amore’s 3rd full length was easily one of my most anticipated releases of the year. The band had yet to disappoint me and I didn’t expect them to anytime soon. However, what I didn’t expect was to see my high expectations for the record to be exceeded as much as they were by Is Survived By. The band truly delivers the goods and solidifies why they have become one of the definitive names in hardcore music today.

The band changes up their dynamic slightly by approaching a less heavy sound this time around. However, they’re still just as aggressive as they ever were and some of their fastest songs yet can be found on the record. The band definitely went for a more melodic sound this time around and I rather enjoyed this change of pace. I feel it may grant the band a more accessible sound than their previous efforts without alienating their current fan base; a move that very few bands, if any, can pull off in the hardcore scene.

Also consistent with previous works is lead singer Jeremy Bolm’s lyrics, able to illicit the most gut wrenching and heartfelt emotions with ease on more than one occasion on this record. There were definitely a few moments while listening to this record that I had to be sitting down otherwise I would have been knocked flat onto my ass. Not that this hasn’t been the case in the past with previous TA records but given the place I’m currently at emotionally this record just tended to have that effect more often.

Touché Amore’s new record is guaranteed to please old fans as well as make new ones. This is easily their best record to date and if you haven’t already pre-ordered is one you should definitely pick up week of release. Could this record perhaps launch Touché Amore into the next level of their career? This reviewer hopes so.

-Armando Olivas