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cloudy.jpgCloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Sony Pictures
10 of 10
On DVD and Blu-Ray Jan. 5th

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, based off of the classic children’s book by Judi Barret, is a deliciously delightful film about an overzealous young inventor who cooks up a plan to make it rain a hail of cheeseburgers and ice-cream to save the townsfolk from a fate of sardines. Meatballs is bright and imaginative and has an awesome early 80’s feel that pops with color; even the end credits are gorgeous. It also is just a little disturbing, which is much in the spirit of the book.

This was one of the most enjoyable films I have seen recently and found myself laughing the whole time, during some parts even louder than the children in the theater with me. The movie has a great cast featuring Bill Hader, James Cann, Bruce Campbell, and yes, even Mr. T. They all do an excellent job and give life to the vibrant, wonderful, and likeable characters which really are the highlight of the film. The humor pays off wonderfully and is full of detail and charm. The movie has great pacing and comic timing, The jokes could have easily been obnoxious but ended up being delivered perfectly.

I appreciated little touches, like how the scientific process of invention is illustrated through step-by-step dynamically narrated power-montages and even background driving is comically pantomimed in absurd gestures that have a brilliant child-like charm to them that make you laugh out loud. Talking monkeys, secret lairs, deadly sirloins, rat-birds, and orange Jello palaces- is there anything cool this movie doesn’t have? The film completely captures the spirit of awesome.

While the chance to catch it in 3D may have passed, don’t miss out on this treat of a film. It is available on DVD and Blu-ray now.  Special features include a “splat” button that lets you throw food at the screen, how can you say no to that?

–Laura Gaddy