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She Wants Revenge
House of Blues
Las Vegas, NV
November 26, 2006

Vegas is amazing.  Driving to Vegas from LA on Thanksgiving weekend is not.  Was the show worth it?  Not really.  I’m a huge fan of She Wants Revenge and have been there since their humble EP beginnings.  Even when the critics bashed them for sounding like Interpol or Joy Division, I was showing how and why there were unique.  I must admit, for the last show of their long 16-month tour, it was a lackluster performance.  It could have been in reaction to the rather mellow audience, as SWR feed off the crowd and perhaps they weren’t feeling it themselves in the city of sin.  Or maybe they were just tired after over a year of touring.  Playing the same 10 songs night after night, rarely varying it, can lead to massive redundancy overload, even with the most invigorating crowd.

Musically, they were on target, even varying the set list slightly from the Tuesday San Diego show and the Wednesday Anaheim show (which I have to admit were much better shows, audiences, and venues).  Strangely, smiles were emitted by Thomas, the guitar player, who is usually straight-faced and stoic.  But Adam and Justin both lacked enthusiasm.  From the predictable first song, “Red Flags and Long Nights” to the predictable last song, “Tear You Apart,” the guys were not in their usual spirit.  Adam didn’t manage the stage as he does and Justin, even though still using his signature dance moves and sexual charm, didn’t compel me to believe they were feeling it.  But, who can blame them?  It’s been a long ride.  My highlight was the two EP songs that they have been playing the last leg of this tour, “Spend the Night” and “Black Liner Run.”  These are early songs, but a nice break from the constant airplay of their radio hits.

After spending $7 each on a Dixie cup of beer, I was disappointed.  The only saving grace of my trip was that I could smoke in the venue and I had all access to the after party.  Even the security guard from Texas who kept trying to pick up on me couldn’t lighten my mood.   It was an all-age show and I felt ancient among teenagers and kids who dressed like me in Junior High.  At least the after party at the Mix Lounge was 21 and over . . .

However, I would have preferred to play Spin the Bottle with those kids than hang with the middle-aged drunk crowd at the swank club on the 60-something floor of Mandalay Bay’s The Hotel.  Adam 12, from SWR, only DJ’d for about 30 minutes and the rest of the night/early morning was spent watching rich Vegas socialites with too many $18 shots of Patron and exorbitant sex drives. 

Number of times I was asked whether the seat next to me was taken:  12.  Number of times I was offered a drink:  8. Number of drunk bleach blondes with fake breasts dancing on tables:  3. Number of business cards I received:  4.  Number of Depeche Mode songs played:  2.  Number of times I wanted to lie down in the booth and sleep:  5.  Number of opening band members faux-fucking on couches in the middle of the club:  2.  Number of times I will go to Vegas for a show on Thanksgiving weekend:  0.  Number of times I will see SWR in the future:  endless.

By Jennifer Kirchoff