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metalmania.jpgMetal Mania 2007
MVD Distribution

Fuck. I thought that this would be a collection of music videos just glancing at the very epic cover art. I was fucking wrong. It’s a video of the Polish Metal Mania festival. This is not only a well produced concert film, it’s an amazing source of new acts to go search out. The first act on the Main Stage segment was Korpiklaani, who somehow utilized bagpipes, flutes, a violin and even a fucking accordion to make some serious fucking metal. Apparently, it’s call Pagen Folk Metal. Epic. I’m also pretty sure that the singer’s flying V was covered in fur. Br00tal. Going through make-up covered death metal to chick-back-up-singer Cradle Of Filth-type shit, Metal Mania 2007 gives you a wide breadth of acts, culminating in Sepultura giving way to Testament. As fucking metal as Testament is, there’s something silly about an old metal dude doing air guitar on his mic stand. Stop that. Also, don’t kill me for talking shit.

-Jonathan Yost