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Monsters Are Waiting
Safari Sam’s
Los Angeles, CA
December 6, 2006

Nothing better than seeing a great band play in front of tiki-mask stage lighting and after getting 99 Cent Store parking for free in Hollywood!  Safari Sam’s is one spot in LA that tends to be easily accessible and not too crowded.

However, it was a packed house tonight, seeming to be at full 450 capacity.  Of course, it was a hipster heaven.  I felt like I’d time-warped to the late 70’s/early 80’s!  Monsters Are Waiting, tonight’s headliner, tend to bring in that crowd—that is their crowd, the Echo Park/Silverlake scene—rather than the She Wants Revenge fans who they were used to playing for after opening for them on the last leg of their tour.

Their music transcends the fashion faux pas of their fans.  They are a unique blend of 80’s New Wave and 90’s Indie Rock, with the poppy “Last Goodbye” and the other Belly-sounding songs of their self-released EP Fascination.  Even while sick tonight, Annalee’s voice is beautiful in its sweet sound.  She was still able to belt out her Karen O. guttural noises throughout the set.

It’s hard to compare them because they have a unique edge.  The cute girl singer with her male band mates who sing back up and switch instruments.  Even if you don’t like the music, their psychedelic computer-generated backdrop with close ups of the band members is interesting and Annalee’s odd stage antics will keep you around.  I’ve decided she was rejected as a ballerina and now does spastic ballet on stage.  It’s endearing though, and you have to love her pixie persona and little bows as she thanks the crowd for loving her.

I’m happy to hear the one song that is my favorite, “Christine.”  It was the first song they wrote and is the most bass-driven of their album.  It’s always the last song of their set and the beats are so catchy, you can’t help but sing and bounce your terrycloth-headband bestowed head (mine was sans a headband, thank you).  It took this song to keep my mind off the geometrical hair styles and Members Only jackets.  And, it was these same people who wiped out their merch stand, even buying their display items.

The only monsters waiting are the people who think plaid shirts and leather blazers are cool.  Or who think horizontal stripes are flattering.  And, the greasy hair look is not hot—never was.  But Monsters Are Waiting are definitely worth the venture into hipster hell.

By Jennifer Kirchoff