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The Echo
Los Angeles, CA
December 15, 2006

How do you describe passion?  There are no adjectives, no words, no actions.  It’s something felt.  Something penetrated deeper than the surface.  Something between the lines, in the grey areas, and in the subtext.  And, Manic’s music encapsulates that unexplainable feeling.

Their show at The Echo in Echo Park on December 15th was just that.  With the beginning of their first song of the set, “Pigeons and Fireworks” to the last one, “Evelyn,” the audience was taken into this distinct world.  The atmosphere itself radiated their sound with a fog-enhanced and low-lit stage, reminiscent of a mythological scene in an Italian Master’s painting with Echo pining for Narcissus (the venue being so suiting for their songs).  The musicians are the players in writing a story for us.  Something penetrable and real.  Complex, yet simple.

Again, no adjectives can remotely describe Manic’s music.  It seems to be a conspiracy of both music and lyrics challenging the listener with a synthesis of brimming emotion and burgeoning intensity.  You seem to be immediately drawn into this ethereal world of the atmospheric complexity of Elliott Smith or Jeff Buckley in the soft, yet hard melodic vocals enhanced with effects.  However, this is tempered with an edge in their guitar and keyboard-based rock and purely passionate drum beats.  Like Zeppelin, The Cure, or early STP, they have songs that seem to be layered like stanzas in a poem—poetry to kick-ass riffs and chords.  Completely, they are deep, compelling, and entrancing.

Of course, it does no justice to compare them to others because they are no ordinary band.  Manic brings you to just that state—of intense enthusiasm, interest, or desire.  They capture something that makes you want to feel—and you do!  Their EP, Floorboards, on Suretone/Interscope, is scheduled for release on January 23rd with a CD release show to accompany at Cinespace in Hollywood on that day.  It’s one you don’t want to miss.  But before then, you can find their music on Myspace at www.myspace.com/manic.

By Jennifer Kirchoff