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VSL produced Heroes Reborn Experience EntranceHeroes is coming back this fall to NBC and to help get people hyped for the series premiere NBC had an amazing interactive experience at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend. I was fortunate enough to get a personal escort through the experience to see just what was going on. I purposely didn’t read anything online so I could be surprised by the whole event. It ended up being way cooler than I even anticipated. I was under the assumption that the whole experience would simply be a first look at exclusive footage from the new show as well as some other goodies like props, both of which were present, but it was much more than just that. The bulk of the experience was an interactive game wherein participants would practice using their new found pyrokinesis abilities. At first just practicing but eventually using the powers to break out of the testing facility. The experience itself lasts only about 2 minutes but it’s incredibly fun and for some it can definitely be a light arm workout. Not to mention you get a cool motion poster of yourself demonstrating your powers at the end!


The experience itself was produced by V Squared Labs using 4D augmented reality technology as well as a Microsoft Kinect, the latter of which was used to scan participants and track their motion. According to VSL over 1,000 fans participated in the first day alone which could definitely spell trouble now that there are so many individuals with Pyrokinesis roaming about. For example, the masked individual in the gif above looks like they could definitely cause trouble if left to their own devices. The augmented reality experience ran the entire weekend and even saw some of the cast come out to visit, including none other than the infamous Zachary Levi. Check out the photo gallery below to see all the action!

All Photos save for the GIF poster are property Devin J Dilmore and Christina Belle for V Squared Labs