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Halifax interview with Racket Magazine
By Racketeer Daniel

Racket Daniel: OK, How did you guys start out?
Halifax Mike: Basically, Chris and I were asked to join a band, started writing songs for the band, kicked everyone out of the band, found Adam and Tommy and a year and a half later we found Doug at a local music store and he said he doesn’t want to be in our band because he didn’t like us, and later we convinced him to do it. And that’s the story of our band.

RD: That’s peer pressure! What were some of the worst shows you’ve played?
Halifax Chris: The 1st tour we ever did.

HM: Some of the 1st shows were pretty bad. We played this show in Hollywood at the Troubadour and we sucked pretty bad. We didn’t even bother setting up a merch table.

RD: What are your favorite tour buddies?
HM: I Am the Avalanche, probably. Chris?
HC: I had a lot of fun with the Fully Down.

RD: If you could fight any of your bandmates, who would it be?
HM: Adam.
Halifax Doug: All of them.
HC: Mike and Doug

RD: If you could be a superhero, who would it be?
HC: I’d be a Jedi, actually.
HM: That’s the wrong guy to ask.
HD: Mike’s a big X-Men fan.
HM: Yea, probably Magneto, he’s badass.
HD: Powdered Toast Man from Ren & Stimpy.

RD: Good call. If you were on Death Row, what would be your last meal?
HC: Thai Chicken Pizza from California Pizza Kitchen.
HM: A bucketful of hardboiled eggs.
HD: A vagina.

RD: What are you doing when you’re not touring?
HM: Having sex with our girlfriends.

RD: What bands would you say our your biggest influences?
HM: We listen to tons of shit, I’m a huge Dave Matthews freak, we all listen to Nine Inch Nails, The Used, Avenged Sevenfold, Elliot Smith, it just goes all over the place, Poison and Van Halen.

RD: What’s in your CD player right now?
All: Dave Matthews.

RD: Do you party hard?
HM: Some of us do. Some of us hang out, drink beer and smoke weed. It’s what to do when you’re in a band.

RD: Any hopes or aspirations to be on TRL?
HM: Fuck Yea, our video has naked girls in it, I want everyone to see it. We had to edit it down so MTV would take it, we better see something from that. We’re playing the Carson Daly show on July 12th, so watch that.

RD: That’s it for me.
All: Later!