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MiMoBrothersForgive the poor grammar for this week’s episode title but I’m not one to pass up an opportunity to make a Descendents reference. This week the dynamic duo goes on location at the Long Beach Comic Expo for their first ever press experience & their first time recording out of the comfort of Mondo’s house. Not bad for a podcast that’s not quite 30 days old. We discuss our experience with some of the panels we attended, interviewed Paige Halsey Warren of Busty Girl Comics, went over some headlines, and even had time to fit in a book review.

The headlines unrelated to the Long Beach Comic Expo are as follows:

The Passing of Maya Angelou
John Wesley Shipp cast as Henry Allen
Jurassic World leaked info
Amy Poehler’s upcoming memoir
Debut of The Wil Wheaton Project (in the episode I say the show airs Monday. This is incorrect, the show airs Tuesdays. My bad) and the season 2 premiere of Heroes of Cosplay.

Also in the episode are songs by Against Me and Modern Baseball. As always we welcome any and all feedback so long as it’s constructive. Follow us on twitter and instagram. See you next week!