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A Fine Frenzy – Interview 2

Alison Sudol, AKA A Fine Frenzy, is known for her piano-driven love songs and powerful voice. She is also the Emperor’s ex. Back around the time that her first album, One Cell In The Sea, came out, I had the chance to talk to her, a chance I didn’t waste. Twelve minutes and thirty-one seconds later, we broke up, and it tore me up inside. We recently had a chance to connect to discuss the changes our breakup had on her latest album, Bomb in a Birdcage, gummies and her pre-fame brush with, er, fame. The Emperor!: You’ve really seemed to mature since we last parted ways, was that due in part to our breakup? The Emperor’s Ex GF: Yea, you know, it really made me look at things differently. It was tough, it was a rough experience, but I made it through.... Read More...