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Bizarre, the shower-cap flaunting member of D12 steps up to release a new album, relentlessly tour and …go on a diet? Racket’s Jason Weintraub had a chance to chat with Bizarre:

The title of your album is “Friday Night At St. Andrews,” and that’s where you guys use to battle.  So are we hearing a more serious Bizarre on this album?

No, it’s just a different side of Bizarre.  I’m not saying this is going to be me for now on, but I’m coming with something different and not being one sided or one lane.  Who knows what I’m going to do next, I might do a country song!

Tell us more about the album and the feedback you’ve been getting from it?

I got some fella D12 members on it, Yelawolf, Tech9ne, Royce da 5’9.  A lot of up and coming rappers like Nate Walker, and a lot of Detroit producers are also on there, just a busload of people.  As far as the feedback, aww man its been nothing but positive stuff, a lot of people like it and I got a million views first day on Worldstar.  People are feeling it.

You mentioned you have a record with Tech 9ne, what exactly is your affiliation with Strange Music?

Aw man, I’ve been knowing Tech for 8 or 9 years, we are just homeboys.  We’ve done a couple of shows together.  He comes to the D and I go to Kansas City once in while, it’s just that Midwest love ya know?

You were on Celebrity Fit Club, have you been keeping up?  I hope you do more than two and half without getting stuck now?

(laughing) Oh yea, definitely man, I had to change up my diet for health reasons, so I’m still exercising and keeping up with a good diet.  I’ve lost 20-30 pounds since then, so it’s all good.

Now I have to ask this, what is up with the shower cap thing?

The showercap, it’s me man, its Bizarre.  It’s just my flavor and it’s just who I am.  I kind of got branded with it, so when people see me without one its like seeing LL Cool J without a hat on.

Are we gonna see a shower cap line coming out from you?

(laughing) Haha we’ll see man, maybe one day.

You bring humor into Hip-Hop and seem like back in the day you were the kid in the back of the class making farting noises.  So were you the class clown?

(laughing) Definitely, Bizarre was a class clown, and I actual got a song and video called “School Teacher,” and it perfectly shows that.  So yes, Bizarre was indeed a class clown

D12 has sold over 10 million albums and just 2 releases, do you feel that you guys are underrated or the under the radar sometimes even with an accomplishment like that?

Not really, not really, people give us love and it’s crazy how much love people give us love.  They come up to us and be on us like we just came out yesterday, and they let us know that we have a long lasting impression on people.  We are one of those groups that aren’t gonna go away, kind of like Bone Thugs or something.

Do you feel that the death of Proof will change the music that you and D12 plan to make in the future?

Of course man, Proof was a big loss and it definitely changes things and changes our music and attitude and you can definitely see the change in my album and our upcoming albums.

That stomach looked good in “The Longest Yard,” how did you get involved in that and can you see yourself branching in acting?

Actually, Adam Sandler reached out to me and wanted me to play a bigger role, but I couldn’t do it because I was on tour.  He wanted me to play Cheeseburger Eddy which is actually Terry Crew’s role, and I couldn’t do it, so I just he liked me so much he let us come after tour to be in a little scene.  So yea, the relationship is still pretty good with Adam and I told him when I was ready I would hit him up.  So I think it’s about time to hit him up and step into this acting thing a little bit, you know I’m a silly guy.

It may be premature, but can we expect another D12 album soon?

Yea, we are actually working on it right now, so hopefully within the next 6 months.  We are still in the works.

When is the next time we can see you on tour

I’m gonna be doing these dates with Tech N9ne soon, so you can check me out on that tour with some guest appearances, and we are planning out a Bizarre Rockstar Tour so keep posted on my website for that.

And what is that website?

Bizarresworld.com. You can get my new music, videos, and even keeps you up to date with my tweets and every time I post on twitter.

-Jason Weintraub