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In the words of The Hoff: what a mess. Whereas I’ve long bitched about the drink prices at the House of Blues, Acergomi, the bar right next door to the Glasshouse, is easy on the wallet. Not so much on the liver. I meet up with the Original Knockoff boys after having already put a few drinks away, and they convinced me to pound a couple tall-boys before heading inside to set up for our interview with what I thought was going to be Beefcake The Mighty of GWAR.

We line up with an eager glimmer in our eyes and some thoughtful questions directed solely at Beefcake. “Do you contemplate knifing Oderus in the back so that you can lead this rag-tag group of aliens?” “Have you ever let hot chicks ride on your helmet?”

We’re told we have 5 minutes total, so we rush in to the backstage area and find Oderus sitting there, quite unimpressed with the scurrying and drunk humans. In my intoxicated state, I try to come up with questions, but I am A) drunk and B) trying not to laugh at Beefcake yelling “Quite looking at my ass!” from five feet away and C) Looking like a robotic idiot.

But, here it is, all 2 minutes and change of an interview of intergalactic drug-addict, Oderus Urungus of GWAR: