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AM Taxi seems like it’s comprised of nice enough fellas. Racket spoke with singer Adam Krier about festivals and stealing shit from hotels.

Have you ever been to Warped Tour or any daylong festivals before, just as a fan?

What are you making sure to bring? What have you learned from your mistakes?
Well I would certainly not encourage people to sneak in there on alcohol, but I’m just sayin, it’s a fact. You know? I mean, there are bottles for that kind of thing. And plenty of sun tan lotion.

A lot of people forget the suntan lotion.
Yeah. Our guitar tech’s got a pretty badass Mohawk, a pretty tall one. We were doing a video shoot a couple of weeks ago, so we were outdoors all day and he got a really bad burn. He’s definitely bringing the suntan lotion this summer. It can get dangerous.

Speaking of bad burns, what’s the worst injury you’ve ever sustained?
Um, I don’t know, I can’t really think of the worst one, but the last one was after a show this girl that I sort of know, came up and just sucker-punched me right in the stomach. I was pretty, you know, I had had a few cocktails so I didn’t really feel it. But the next day, I could barely walk. I ended up having to go to the doctor. You know, that’s how Houdini went, so I was a little nervous about that. Me and Houdini and I have that much in common. The girl felt pretty awful about it. It was just sort of a random thing. You know, just walk up to someone, punch them in the stomach and run off.

You didn’t like sleep with her sister or anything to deserve it?
No, I think, I don’t know if she was angry or I think she just thought it was funny. “I’m just going to punch this guy.” I sort of know her; I’m kind of friends with her.

I think you should sleep with her sister now, for that kind of bullshit.
We’ll see.

If she says anything, you can say “You deserved this. You’ve brought this upon yourself.”


You said to make sure to bring alcohol, but do you have any concerns like the terribleness of festival food or is there anything you are looking forward to?
Well we get catering. From what I remember from that, it was always pretty good. I think it’s a bit pricy for concertgoers, you know expensive bottles of water and nachos, things like that. The catering I remember being good though, for the band.

My new favorite festival smell is the smell of churos and marijuana.
Ha. The blend of the two.

Oh my God. It was so good it made me so hungry.
I’ll have to see what that’s all about.

Are you guys taking a bus or a van for Warped Tour?
It’s sort of in between. We got this mini-bus. It’s almost like an RV, but it’s a bus.

So you guys are admitting to taking the “short bus” to Warped Tour?
Yeah, we are the special kids.

Do you have a preferred brand of shampoo?
I, ah, shampoo? No. No.

Yeah, I don’t either. I judge mine by the smell and the price. I find the lowest price point and see what smells the least annoying.
I take the little bottles from the hotel rooms.

Oh yeah, I did that. I got this fancy-ass shampoo from this- I don’t even know how I got into this fancy hotel, but it happened, and I took everything.
You have to. That’s what its there for.

So besides music, and a band, what else do you do with your time?
I mean that’s pretty much it. Go out drinking with the neighbors when I’m home, you know? That’s pretty much it. It’s become a full time thing, lately.

I had someone bring up a question that I didn’t really think of. Is it A.M. Taxi or am Taxi like “I am a taxi?”
No, it’s A.M.

Could you change it to PM cause I hate mornings.
I’ll talk to the guys and get back to you on that one.

All right, you should do that.
We have to vote, you know, on everything.

Uggh! Democracies. Boring.
Yep. Not fun is it?

Well I mean, its fun if you’re on the winning side.
Its always fun to be on the winning side.

Then you have poor sports, like me. I am, I am a terrible loser. How are you when it comes to losing?
I’m not very good about it. I was gambling, rolling the dice at some bar the other night; I lost a few rounds. I didn’t make a big seen but I’m not too happy about it now. I don’t chuck the monopoly board across the table.

I used to go bowling a lot, and if I fucked up I would definitely throw my hat across the damn lanes.
Yeah, I’ve run down the alley and kicked the pins over before. It’s pretty fun.

How did you make it down there? I’ve seen people take just one step and eat shit
Its slippery. You have to walk down the gutters, like with one foot in one lane and one foot in another.

Damn, that’s commitment. That really is. Well, that’s really all I got. Is there anything you would like to add?
Just that our CDs is out and the webpage: www.amtaximusic.com.

-Jonathan “The Emperor” Yost