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Cena Sucks LolMaking good on his promise from previous episodes Mondo purchased a new microphone for the podcast. 40 dollars and several minutes of fiddling later, what is arguably the most ridiculous episode to date is born! Loaded with discussion of the most recent WWE Pay Per View Battleground the boys can’t help but channel their inner Michael Cole & promote the WWE Network every chance they get( it’s quite the deal for only $9.99 a month!). However, that’s not all! Also in this episode is an interview with one of the main players behind Club Cosplay, Ivan Promotions! Ivan dropped some info on how the event came to be and talked about Weird Al. If that wasn’t enough we still found time to discuss some headlines. Yes we did it all & then some!

Here are the headlines discussed below:

Avengers Now! Featuring female Thor and Sam WIlson as Captain America
Shots from Avengers 2: Age of Ultron revealed
CM Punk’s official departure from WWE
Sting to appear on WWE2k13
Dash Con Con
TMNT/GhostBusters Crossover

This week’s musical break is brought to you by Broadway Calls and The World Inferno Friendship Society