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Among the sweltering heat and summer camp surroundings, Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre trembled with massive sound. Kiddies lined the pathways, awaiting a glimpse of anyone who had earlier graced a stage with their sweltering presence. The elders drowned themselves in over-priced beer while Jeffrey Star floated around with his eccentric entourage, trampling over little girls who where ready to run a marathon to catch Pete Wentz riding his tricked out golf cart.

Amid both days, I was lucky enough to catch the sets of Parkway Drive, Sing it Loud, Bloodhound Gang (who ROCKED my world!), A Skylit Drive (surprisingly talented!), Asher Roth (weird looking white boy with a black man’s talent), Thrice (over them), The Used (who pleasantly played all the oldies we were all so anxiously anticipating), Taking Back Sunday (finally eliminated microphone cord strangulation), and all of this leading up to the climactic ending- the messiah which I shall refer to as the Deftones, eliminating any doubt in my mind of how tremendous and event such as Bamboozle really is.

I have to admit that this was probably one of the best performances given by the Deftones I have ever witnessed. Perhaps the grief experienced by the band members relating to bass player Chi Cheng’s tragic accident, which left him in a coma, has somehow aroused an increased passion. The performance left me speechless. Utterly spectacular!

Just as the Deftones were finishing their set, the audience had transitioned into position. Ready, set, light! It was a field of flickering flames coming from hundreds of lighters, reflecting off of glass pieces or lit joints! It was time for Mr. 50 Cent. Good thing I had my ass-shaking moves all ready to go. Anticipating awkwardness, which never presented itself, Mr. 50 passed with flying colors. He was welcomed by the Bamboozle crowd with open arms and I’m sure his many costume changes didn’t hurt the cause.

As 50 ended the night by taking his last hit, I ended mine with an extremely content feeling of the days spent at Bamboozle left.

–Anastasia Krotova