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CharliesClubI’ve now had the chance to review several e-cig/vaping things. As I have never smoked a cigarette in my life, I’m generally looking at flavor and the ability to feel like a dragon blowing huge clouds. That’s not what you’ll find with Charlie’s Club e-cigarette subscription box.

Charlie’s Club comes with two e-cigarettes/batteries (that look like cloves) and two “artisanally” flavored boxes of disposable little tip/e-juice reservoirs. I put artisanal in quotes because “menthol” is not an artisanal flavor. Also “USA mix” did not taste like freedom, it tasted like second-hand smoke. This is less Craft Vapery¬†and more Dollar Shave Club, as the flavors don’t change out monthly and you get the hardware with the first delivery, then just refills after that. These are not for those trying to be cool, these are for those actually trying to quit. If you ARE trying to quit, or just trying to get less tar and carinogens into your body, then Charlie’s Club is for you. Pricing changes based on the equivalent packs per day you’d be interested in.