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coneyhb.jpgHere at Racket, we love booze. So much that RacketMike has gone on to be a professional brewer, as well as an avid home brewer. I once made a home-brewed Honey-IPA that had RacketMike and RacketCasey screaming about God-knows-what while rolling around on the ground singing Weezer songs. Granted, we each drank like a 2 liter bottle of the shit, but still. We love Guinness, Newcastle, Boddingtons and more. And as you can tell, we love dark beers. When RacketCaitlin and I got to try He’Brew’s Coney Island Blockhead Lager, we were expecting, you know, a lager. Something crisp, clean and ultimately light and weak. The kind of beer you have with chips and salsa, not a beer for beer drinkers. This is a beer for beer drinkers.

With an assload of six different kinds of hops and eight different malts, this lager becomes barely translucent with a rich caramel color. At 10% alcohol, this beer grabs you by the balls, but just to “convince” you to down the rest of the 22 ounces of pure deliciousness. Not only does the Blockhead Lager get you a decent head change after one bottle, but your night of drunken debauchery goes to a good cause, Coney Island, USA, an arts non-profit to “defend the lost forms of American pop culture in Brooklyn’s historic Coney Island neighborhood,” i.e. carnival sideshows. Featured on the bottle, illustrated by tattoo artist Dave Wallin, is current MC of the Coney Island Sideshow and Human Blockhead himself: Donny Vomit. While Vomit dreamed of once having an action figure made of himself, he is completely correct in saying “having a kickass beer is a whole lot better. Drink my beer!!” Preach on, Donny.

-Jonathan Yost

Seriously: Some badass shots of Donny, and I couldn’t leave them out. Click to make them bigger.