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thin-mint-boxSomehow, fate smiled upon me and I was contacted by a rep of the Girl Scouts of America, who said “Want to make some recipes out of Girl Scout Cookies? Well, after I had just written a column in my local paper about which beers to pair with Girl Scout Cookies for no cookies, I was on board. So, here we go:


Which one’s the Trios? The gluten-free chocolate/peanut butter/oatmeal cookies. Yea, I didn’t know they made them either. Sounded pretty breakfast-y to me, so I throw the little fellas into a food processor, added extra steel-ground oats and peanuts, coated them in a melted peanut butter, brown sugar, and molasses and baked that combo to make some breakfast bars. 


Thin Mints:

Got far less fancy with the Thin Mints, as my wife introduced me to what she calls the “Tim Tam Slam,” in which you bite small chunks out of two ends of the cookie, and use it as a straw in a glass of milk. This leaves the cookie nice and mega-moist for your devouring pleasure.

Peanut Butter Sandwiches:

It was suggested to me that I could use them as the crust of a cheesecake. Sure, let’s say I did that instead of plowing through the entire box after my neighbors gave me a growler of Ritual Brewing‘s Belgian Ale.


I just ate them. Honestly, I don’t know why you would do anything else to them.


You know you want in on this action. To find cookies in your area, visit girlscoutcookies.org.