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7679562_origSo, the Original Whiskey Ball said to me, “We’ll give you a mold for the Whiskey Ball because we want to prove it’s better than ice cubes.” I said, “Bring it on!” or “PROVE IT.” or “ICE IS STUPID.” I think. I’ve been wasted for weeks and am not really sure what conversations actually occurred. Either way, they gave me one and I used this as an excuse to drink gallons of whiskey under the pretense of “work.” It was like Mad Men on steroids.

Well, after actually drinking these (and some gin, even), I’m sold on them. The Whiskey Ball made drinking my favorite booze even more enjoyable. I highly recommend snagging one or two of your own.[divider_line]

17571Gentleman Jack

If Jack Daniels was your uncle who once was a roadie for Molly Hatchet, Gentleman Jack was your other uncle who managed a Crate and Barrel. Slightly fancy, but not as much of a badass factor.

That said, this is a solid starter whiskey for those whose sole whiskey experience was some store-brand whiskey drowned in Coke.



When people think of Irish Whiskey (And drunken Flogging Molly fans… I mean, Flogging Molly fans), they usually go to Jameson. Which is fine, if your throwing shots down your gullet like a frat boy on spring break. If you actually want to taste it, grab some Bushmills, throw a Whiskey Ball in there if you can, and act like a grown up for 15 minutes.

They have a whole bunch of different lines (white label, Black Bush, and numerous versions based upon time spent in barrels), but don’t let the price tell you which one’s the best. Try a bunch of them, pick your favorite, and go from there. [divider_line]

cabinfever_mapleflavoredwhiskey750__75483.1376506740.1280.1280Cabin Fever

One of the few flavored whiskeys I actually enjoy, Cabin Fever’s maple flavor is goddamned delicious. I like taking a bottle when I’m in the mountains. It’s tasty as shit on it’s own, but even better in coffee, a trick taught to me by my fiance’s dad. That guy can drink like a champ.

The flavoring can end up getting a bit sweet after a while, so it wouldn’t hurt to take a bottle of one of these other fine recommendations. Or, if you don’t want to avoid diabetes, by all means, have at it.[divider_line]

96159Johnny Walker

I’m a big fan of Johnny Walker, it’s usually reasonably priced and few people look down on you if that’s the only whiskey you have. Generally a bit smokier than the others, Johnny doesn’t fuck around with the oak flavor. This is the kind of stuff you have with a cigar and a heated conversation about politics.

Johnny also makes a great present, with various colors often dished out among my friends as congratulations. “Oh, you had a kid, here’s some Johnny Walker Blue.” “Finally got your masters, eh, here’s some Johnny Walker Gold.” If my mom had tried that trick, I probably would have been a doctor four times over. [divider_line]

94299Bulleit Rye

My friend Brandon got me hooked on this shit and I can’t thank him enough for it. I used to have this shit straight, but no joke, that Whiskey Ball really brings out some of the spicier notes without watering it down. So, now I get to enjoy this AND ask my friends if they’d like one of my balls in their whiskey.


They do. [divider_line]


93829Templeton Rye

This one is probably the most interesting one on here, as it’s said to be a “Prohibition-era” recipe, which means it’s straightforward and to the point. During prohibition, distilling wasn’t dependent on exotic ingredients or hints of the fourteen different barrels used to age it, it was “distill it, get it to people, and don’t get arrested.” Thankfully, Franklin D. Roosevelt decided to man up and tell all the naysayers to shut the fuck up and ended prohibition like a fucking boss.