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Sometimes, you work at a company where you are stuck with a uniform. Sometimes you are stuck with what I refer to as a “pseudo-uniform,” which is any dress code that tells you what clothing pieces to wear, but doesn’t specify brand, colors, and the like. I have a pseudo-uniform at my day-job, which is predominantly “slacks, dress shirt, tie, dress shoes.” When I started, I was worried I’d hate it and quit a month in. My previous employer had no such dress code, and most of my shirts lacked sleeves of any kind and it was wonderful.

But, as I felt the place out, I started introducing little pieces of nerd-ness into my wardrobe. First it was dress socks with pizza slices all over them. Then it was a tie completely covered in cats. Soon, my sock collection was filled with robot, food, and even zombie socks while my tie clips included scimitars, arrows, and legos. My tie collection is a mix of classic, square-ended knit ties, peppered with Star Wars, cats, dogs, books, and camping references. I’ve even been able to find some classy button-downs that include some of my favorite things, including dogs, foxes, and even a freaking Deathly Hallows shirt. I particularly love coupling my belt that has foxes on it with my beagle button-up shirt and calling it my “fox and the found” outfit. It’s wonderful. It allows me to fit in with the professional aura of the office while still being able to show off some of my personality. 

“But where can I find such bomb nerd shit for myself,” you ask? There are a couple sites that can hook it up:

ThinkGeek: These purveyors of nerd-fare usually have the solid hook-ups in fandoms ranging from Star Trek to Harry Potter to gaming favs like Destiny or Mass Effect. While the Dr. Who and Harry Potter ties are currently available, I love the sneakiness of the Percival Graves tie and clip set, straight from Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them. I think it’s a low-key way to find out who the other mega-nerds in your office are while simultaneously knowing that you are fighting back against conformity in your own special way. 

If you want to be more in-yo-face with your sweet style, you can go for Electric Styles insane LED ties, like this equalizer tie, which is awesome. They also have one with a bald eagle with an American Flag motif if you ever get America, Fuck Yeah stuck in your head.

CyberOptix also has a ton of amazing stuff, with these amazing beer-themed ties featuring wheat and hops as a personal favorite. They have a variety of ties and accessories, ranging from a BASIC language scarf (pimp) to College Rule Lined Paper Ties (also pimp).

Beau Ties of Vermont has loads of fun ties, like this one covered in theorems. You know, fun if you like math. If you hate math, don’t bother. 

If you are someone who makes a lot of money, feel free to drop $120+ on these ties from Sonic Fabric made of 50% old cassette tape reels. Personally, I think that’s pretty fucking cool, but I am also pretty fucking cheap, so thanks, but no thanks. Unless I get rich. Then, gimme. 

And, if you want something more specific, Etsy should have you covered! There is a metric ass ton of geeky culture references for you to choose from in ties, cufflinks, tie clips, or God-knows-what-else.